Ko Fung

Whether you’re trying to win a fight in the ringside or you’re going for the next rung on the corporate ladder, at Ko Fung we train body, mind and emotions. By integrating the three elements into a holistic mindset that will make you unstoppable in life. 

We teach a multi-disciplinary martial art system that it can serve you as a manual or guide to successful living. For example, you’ll learn to let go of emotions and situations that don’t serve you as a whole or don’t lead you to greater things.

It begins with the willingness to accept exactly who you are, right where you are, with no judgements or preconceived notions. And instead of fearing an opponent’s attack you must learn to welcome it. This is all a matter of lack of tension, and once you’ve attained this skill you’ll no longer react to circumstances as average people do. Instead, you’ll find yourself centered and alert—ready to deal with a situation without having your natural adrenal reaction getting in the way. This is not only supremely useful in combat but also in your daily life.

Ko Fung or 高峰 in Chinese, literally translate which means ‘Highest Point” or “Peak”, a topographical term which describes a point that is highest in elevation than all points surrounding it. A point of maximization in elevation or potential.

The character 館, refers to a formal and traditional training facility and gathering place for students who studies martial arts. It translates to “Martial art school”. Together 高峰館 in Chinese, translates to “Peak Martial Art School”.

Hence our philosophy is deeply rooted in our name, for at Ko Fung, we assist individuals who wish to achieve their full potential (physically, mentally and spiritually).

Our curriculum consists of:
1) Martial art training
2) Meditations
3) Physical Fitness
4) Mindset and Nutrition coaching