Private Training

Private Training is an excellent learning and training method for individuals who wish to personalize and fast track their training and learning experience.

Through customized and dedicated one-on-one training sessions, members will progress faster as there is more time focused in their personalized courses which are customized towards their specific developmental goals and needs.

Training will be based on the individual’s skill level and learning progress. Whether you wish improve your physical fitness or your overall martial art skills, private classes will be a great way to develop a strong foundation and fundamentals in a short period of time.

Private classes allow you to tailor your training by concentrating on specific goals or skills you wish to develop, such as strength, speed, body coordination, or straightforward self-defense techniques and tactics.

Semi-Private Classes

If you’re interested in having private lessons with friends or a family member then Semi-private classes is your solution. What is better than training and practicing with a family or a group of friends?