What is Wing Chun?

Wing Chun is a 300 years old martial art system which was created by a Buddhist nun, named Ng Mui. What makes Wing Chun unique is that it does not rely on any brute strength to overcome an adversary.

Wing Chun is a close-quarter martial art system which focuses on the efficiency and economy of movements, where it defends and attacks simultaneously. Wing Chun emphasizes on proper body mechanics, body structure, timing and relaxation in order to overcome a stronger and bigger adversary.

Wing Chun consists of three empty hand forms, one wooden dummy form and two weapon forms. Each form has their own uniqueness and is used for deeper understanding of the system as the student progress further into the curriculum. Along with the form, another training that is unique to the Wing Chun system is Chi Sao (Sticky hand). This training allows the individual to understand the proper distance and angle during a confrontation as well developing their sensitivity and reflexes when two people collide.

Aside from the combative perspective, the true essence of Wing Chun is developing an individual’s sense of self, confidence and a physical and mental wellbeing. It also to help the individual to tap into the strength that is already within them through self discovery and focus. With these skill assets, an individual can accomplish a lot more than just learning how to throw a heavy punch. Ultimately, Wing Chun is an expression of one self and is the harmonization and unification of the individual’s mind, body and spirit.