Derek G. Chan

Founder & Head Instructor

Derek is an award-winning author and martial art instructor who has been featured in magazines such as Wing Chun Illustrated.  Derek has been involved in kung fu at the young age of 8. He first started learning Wing Chun and Yang style Tai Chi. After graduating from York university, Derek continued to develop his kung fu in the style of Wing Chun in Canada.

To take his experience and training to the next level, Derek next traveled to Hong Kong, the origins of kung fu cinema and wellspring of Yip Man Wing Chun. During his stay, Derek continued his martial arts training where he further sharpened his skills and refine his techniques through the mentorship and guidance of various high level grandmasters.

After returning from Hong Kong, Derek began training with a former special force military veteran. Through regular sparing sessions and military drills, Derek had the opportunity to further hone his martial arts techniques and as it applies to in real life combat and self-defense situations.

As an instructor, Derek hopes to help others by teaching them how to protect themselves practically and effectively through traditional Wing Chun forms and foundation, reinforced by techniques and skills applicable to real life combat and self-defense situations. As well applying the holistic and wellness aspect of Wing Chun into individual’s daily lives.

Aside from teaching martial arts and meditations, Derek is a certified personal trainer who specializes in performance training, as well a certified Life Coach. His goal is to help individuals achieve a higher level of mental and physical fitness.