Ko Fung

Ko Fung Martial Art or 高峰館 in Chinese, literally translates to “Peak Martial Art School”.

It is derived from Ko Fung, 高峰, which means ‘Highest Point” or “Peak”, a topographical term which describes a point that is highest in elevation than all points surrounding it. A point of  maximization in elevation or potential.

The character 館, refers to a formal and traditional training facility and gathering place for students who studies martial arts.  It translates to “Martial art school”

Hence our philosophy is deeply rooted in our name, for at Ko Fung Martial Art, we assist individuals who wish to achieve their full potential (physically, mentally and spiritually) through martial art training. Our curriculum consists of formal martial art training with a strong formal foundation in Wing Chun which is later followed by training in real world self-defence and combat applications

At Ko Fung Martial Art, there are four aspects of training.

1) Shape and Power – Understanding the proper alignment of the spine and shape of the body, in order to develop an irresistible bodily structure and power.

2) Mind-Body connection – Developing concentration and relaxation forceby tuning the mind with the body.

3) Body Coordination – Developing efficient movements and proper body mechanics which assist one with their application training.

4) Application – Understanding techniques from Wing Chun kung fu and how to apply them effectively in a real-life or self-defense situation.