• Level 5

    Weapon Form

    • Weapon forms
    • Development of Mook Yan Jong application
    • Further development of Forward intent
    • Advance Sparring techniques and Drills
    • Advance Hand and Kicking techniques
  • Level 4

    Mook Yan Jong
    "Wooden Dummy"

    • Mook Yan Jong form
    • Further development of Biu Jee application
    • Introduction to Chi Gerk (Sticky Leg)
    • Development of Short-Distance power
    • Advance Sparring techniques
  • Level 3

    Biu Jee
    "Darting Fingers"

    • Biu Jee form
    • Further development of Chum Kiu application
    • Understanding of Multi-directional forces
    • Development of Speed and Power
    • Development of Advance techniques
  • Level 2

    Chum Kiu
    "Seeking the Bridge"

    • Chum Kiu form
    • Development of footwork and kicks
    • Development of Sil Lim Tao application
    • Understanding of two-directional forces
    • Development of Double Chi Sao and techniques
  • Level 1

    Sil Lim Tao
    "Little Idea"

    • Further development of Sil Lim Tao
    • Development of Concentration and relaxation force
    • Introduction to Forward intent
    • Basic Wing Chun techniques and Drills
    • Single Sticky Hand
    • Introduction to Double Chi Sao (sticky hand)
  • Basis


    • Basic theory of Wing Chun
    • Developing body-coordination
    • Body awareness
    • Development of basic punches and kicks
    • Development Siu Nim Tao form