Wing Chun

At Ko Fung, anyone is suitable for training, regardless of age, gender and fitness level.

The uniqueness about studying Wing Chun kung fu at Ko Fung is that it a form of martial art, which does not rely on any brute strength to overcome an adversary. The advantage of learning Wing Chun at Ko Fung is that one could learn how to overcome a larger assailant by understanding the power of proper body structure and relaxation.

Therefore through the training at Ko Fung, anyone could gain the benefits of both physical wellness as well as practical self-defense skills at the same time.

Classes are typically 60-90 minutes per session. Class consist of forms, martial art foundations, hand techniques, relaxation exercises, drills and practice usage. Wing Chun is a complete martial art system, where it has different learning stages and forms for beginners to advance students. Forms such as Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu, Biu Jee and Mok Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy). At Ko Fung, students will be graded by their technique application and their understanding of each form in order to progress into the next learning phase.