Martial Artist Six Pillars

To become a high-level athlete, not only you need to train like one but also live and eat like one. It also means eating proper foods that will nourish and fuel you.

This mindset also applies to martial artists in ancient and present times. Martial artists in the past were soldiers, warriors, personal bodyguards, and securities for transportations of goods.

There are six pillars or components to be proficient in a martial art system. There are in the following:

 1) Form (拳)
 2) Principle and Theory(心)
3) Training (功)
4) Application (用)
5) Lifestyle (活)
6) Nutrition/ Diet (食)

In Wing Chun literature and maxim, it states the following. If two equally skilled martial artists are in a duel, the one who is better conditioned physically wins.

If you wish to take yourself into new heights with your fitness and martial art skill level, feel free to send me a message about my private classes.

As the saying goes – it is faster with a master, especially with the one who practices what he preaches.