Connection between Martial Arts and Yoga

Martial art and yoga may seem different, however they are both related in their meditative practices. One of the founding fathers of the Shaolin temple martial art was a Buddhist monk from India named Bodhidharma. When he first arrived in China in the 5th century, he introduced and incorporated Yoga into the Chinese martial art system. In yoga there will be people mentioning about its healing properties and energy development. In traditional martial art especially Wing Chun, we expand that knowledge by learning how to use those developed energies and how we apply them into our daily life and not just for self defense purposes. Wing Chun is a martial art system that was created from the Southern Shaolin Temple. So Wing Chun is also a meditative art form. Unlike the movies and social media, traditional martial art was a way to cultivate the mind, body and spirit, the fighting aspect is just a bonus.