The Importance of Body Coordination

In Wing Chun a lot of our techniques requires us to have our hands cooperating with one another as well with our legs in cross positions (example left hand moving with the right leg). In Wing Chun, one of our major goals is to attack and defend at the same time, this will allow us to become more efficient with our movements. One example is our Lap Da or Lap Sao techniquen, a counter-movement where one hand sinks the other opponent’s straight attack and the other hand punching. Without being coordinated we wouldn’t have the ability to execute the technique smoothly.

Being well coordinated also mean one is well-balanced. As human beings we already apply the principle of balance while we are walking. Our left hand will swing out, right foot steps forward vice versa. However, as a martial artist sometimes we tend to forget about this basic principle, where we think martial arts movements and everyday movements are two separate entity. One example will be our Tan Gerk (Push Kick), in order to have balance we will need an opposite arm coming forward. For example left hand out, right leg kicks, if we kick and block with the same arm there is a higher chance of falling down as there’s too much weight on side.

Below I have three exercises drills for your own person reference. These are some fundamental movements that I use for my own students.